Space Academy

Az suggested we try Space Academy at Air Space. It was described as:

Twist, flip and wall-run like a pro?  It takes a bit of practice and a little help.  Join one of our Space Academy sessions today.  Our Air Crew will put you through your paces and help you graduate to the next level of freestyle flair. Whatever you want to learn, our expert Air Crew will help you take it up a notch.

To be honest i didn’t know what I was signing up for but I am a fan of random so I took one of the 7 spots available.


Airspace is a massive trampoline center. When I walked upstairs and looked over the balcony i said WOW! There were so many trampolines and fun looking things to play on. I saw some kids playing dodge ball and an assault course thing and lots of kids bouncing with endless energy. My thought of wow turned into this is going to be knackering.


We signed in and got our socks and then went to the briefing area to watch a short safety video about not jumping on your head and then joined our class. Unfortunately 2 of the people that had booked with us weren’t well so we only had a class of 5 people.

The instructor made up do abit of a warm up which involved dreaded jogging but made it fun by getting us to change hands and sit on the trampoline when he called out instructions. Once we had warmed up and stretched he took us over to the trampolines.

Apparently what we had signed up for was Wall Running which involves bouncing on your back into a wall and getting higher and higher until you can stand on top of the edge. Once you’ve learnt this you can progress onto flips and cool shit.

We started with learning seat drops and back drops. This was harder than i remembered from school but we all got a few goes to try and perfect it before moving onto the next stage.

We held onto the wall and had to drop onto our backs onto a squidgy mat, once we had stopped landing on our heads the mat was removed and we dropped directly onto the trampoline. The goal was to bounce back up, touch the wall and repeat as many times as you could. It was really hard and we mostly looked like beached seals flapping abooot but it was fun so I kept trying, it was made even better by all the Disney songs they were playing. The instructor, Wes was excellent, he was encouraging and enthusiastic and although he was injured and couldn’t show us all of the moves himself, there was lots of staff around to demonstrate.

Included in the price was 30 minutes of free jumping time so after the class we ran around trying the air bag, assault course, trampolines and the parkour area. This was fun but I was very glad we had the lesson before hand so we knew what to work on.



Fun –  Really good night out, i felt that I had learn’t something as well as getting to run round like a kid and jump into a giant air bag.


Value for money – The class and 30 minutes jump time was £10.95 plus £2 quid for the special air socks that had ripped by the end of the session. To be fair they did replace
all of the socks when we asked them to. I enjoyed it a lot and would go again but its a bit pricey to go every week.


Join-ability – Excellent lesson and you’d be fine to go on your own. Not suitable for anyone who is really unfit, has any injuries or feels sick. The aches and pains the next day probably mean its more suited for fitter or younger people.

3Spam-ability – I’d definitely go again and will recommend it to others. 4

Total of 14/20 – A great night and worth doing if you feel energetic.

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