Lip Sync Battle

My love of Lip Sync Battles started from watching Ru Pauls Drag Race. Two contestants would Lip Sync for their life! The winner would get to stay on the show. It was then ripped off by Lip Sync Battle where celebrities fight against each other to win the Championship Belt. It’s pretty funny and the budget is quite high so you get some great performances from The Rock singing Shake it off to Anne Hathaway swinging on a giant wrecking ball.


I’ve been to a lip sync night before and sang R Kellys, I believe I can fly. I was shaking as I was so nervous to start with but by the end I decided I was having fun. We’ve also been to see the UK version live so when I saw that Empire Events were putting on a charity night lip sync night for St Basil’s, I knew it would be a good night.

I hadnt planned to sing however on Friday morning I found myself singing Here to Stay by Korn in the shower and decided some head banging to a song with a few swears in would be a fun song to sing. I requested it through their Facebook and started my revision, one watch of the video with lyrics just to check I had them right, one of the music video and one of the live one and I was ready to go.


It started at 9 and we all signed up straight away. Toby would be first up, battling a stranger and Micki and I would be next. This one was different to the one we went to at the Ort cafe, as it was set up as a competition. The sign said there would be 10 battles, followed by a semi final and then a final. I was completely unprepared for the potential of 2 more songs so flicked through the song book and decided on Will Smiths, Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It and Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody.

Arriving at 9 was a mistake, I’d driven down to avoid the drinking temptation so ended up sipping pop for 2 hours while we waited for it to start.


At 11.15 they called Toby to the stage with a girl who was in white hot pants and was carrying a hammer. She sang Miley Cyrus, Wrecking Ball and was awesome. As soon as we saw the hammer I thought Toby was done for. Props!!!! You can’t beat someone with a Prop! She even licked the hammer!

The crowd went mental and then it was time for Toby to battle her. He started lip syncing R Kelly, Bump and Grind with full on twerking and grinding. It was hilarious and when the crowd voted it was obvious they loved it too as he won his round.

Next it was time for Micki and I to go up. I’d had 2 hours to look round the room and realise that this was not a particularly metal crowd and was nervous due to the caliber of the last battle but decided to give it a go anyway. I grabbed the mic stand, head banged and danced around the stage. Exhausting but alot of fun.



Micki was amazing, awesome moves and even ran off to grab an inflatable guitar. Unsurprisingly she smashed it and got through to the next round.

The next battles were a mix of people who had signed up after a few drinks to a full on dirty dancing routine complete with costumes and amazing lifts.

Unfortunately they’d fluffed the timings abit so there wasn’t time for a semi final. Instead the crowd cheered for the two they wanted to see in the final.


The chosen two was a guy who sang ABBA with some fierce dance moves and a girl who sang the Pokemon theme tune and had brought Pokemon toys with her.

For the final she sang Will Smiths, Fresh Price of Bell Air and he did Frozen, Let it go. He had the best dance moves and also had gave good face (as RuPaul would say) so even though it’s a god damn awful song he was a worthy winner.



Fun –  Overall I think it’s a great concept but making us wait for 2 hours for it to start, having really long breaks between battles and missing out the semi final put a damper on it for me. This is mostly because I was sober and sleepy by the end. Next time i will drink lots of vodka, as the DJ was brilliant and I think it would have made for a fun drunken night.


Value for money –It was £5 in advance and all profits went to St Basil’s. The lovely bar staff gave me free pop at the bar too.


Join-ability – Anyone can go and watch but if you want to join in, you’ll need confidence or vodka.


Spam-ability – Its fun but i don’t think it’s something I’d go to regularly.


Total of 12/20 – A new spin on a karoke night.

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