Escape Room

Last night my escape team tackled the newest escape room in Birmingham, Bunker 3b from Clue HQ.  This is the third escape room company in Birmingham.

An escape room is a room inside of a building that has padlocks and combination locks on different items of furniture and you have to hunt around the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room. You usually have 60 minutes to escape, with the option of hints if you get stuck and depending on the room you can have up to 7 people in with you.

My escape teams special skills include:

Toby – Magnets.

Micki – Clue management.

Squeak – Small Spaces.

Jo –  Classical maths.

Andrew – Stopping Jo from shouting at the staff.

Me – Pushing random buttons.

clue hq

I am the only team member with a 100% exit success rate. *Engage smug mode*

The first one we tried was Keyhunter

keyhunter logo

They have 3 different escape rooms. My favourite was the Red Curse, which worked well with a big group. We did the Double Crossing with 4 people and we were able to escape with time to spare. We plan to do the Triads in the near future.

They are the cheapest company as they allow up to 7 people and prices range from £22 p/p for 2 people to £11 p/p for 7.  It’s a good starter room but not as fancy as the others.

The next one we tried was Escape Live –


They have 2 rooms, Dr Wilsons Office and Room 13, I liked both rooms but preferred Room 13 as I enjoyed the horror theme.

Prices range from £22 p/p for 2 people and £15 p/p for 6 people.

The latest Escape Room company is Clue HQ –

chq logo

The waiting room felt a lot fancier than the other rooms that we’d been too before. Excellent branding which includes an offer if you do 4 games you can get your 5th for £19.99 for 6 people.  The host Callum knew lots about the other escape rooms they have around the country which sound really interesting.

They currently only have one room available which is called Bunker 38a. This was my favorite room so far. I won’t spoil the puzzles but they felt more inventive and used the room items well. We escaped without using any hints with 12 minutes to go. Apparently in Birmingham they have about a 30% success rate, so see if you can beat our time.

They have a new room opening in April which we booked the next day. They are currently doing a special offer where you can book for 6 people for £49 or £8.16 each using Discount code – AgentBirdCatchesWorm

Callum said that they are hoping to have 10 rooms available by the end of the year so we will have lots more to do.


Fun –  Its such a good way of spending an hour, its lovely when you’ve been stuck for 10 minutes and someone shouts “I’ve got it!” and everyone cheers. I have tried 5 rooms so far and each of them have been original.


Value for money –It isn’t cheap enough to do every month however i think its definitely worth the money. Especially if you sign up to get details of any offers they have on.


Join-ability – You need to book but anyone can go. Clue HQ is also wheelchair accessible.


Spam-ability – Its my go too suggestion when my friends are going on first dates.


Total of 15/20 – Do it!

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