Ranking System

The goal is to try different activities and classes in Birmingham and rank them in Brum Nuggets. (In reference to my excitement about Chicken Nugget Burgers :O WICKED!!!!!!!!)


Rankings will be out of 5

Fun – How enjoyable was it.

Value for money – I am poor and cheap which is a bad combination.

Join-ability – How hard is it for a new person to join.

Spam-ability – I would go again or spam people about it.

So a total of 20 Brum Nuggets up for grabs.

Roller Derby

Fun – Awesome fun. As well as the sport side there is always an after party to win. I made life long friends that are still inviting me to win the after party even though I am not skating any more.


Value for Money – £5 for a 2 hour session, which includes all equipment, coaching, venue and parking. First session is free.


Join-ability   – For new skaters their are 2 sessions per week where you can join which increases to 3 once you get membership and all equipment is provided.  However you do need to email ccrkitrequest@gmail.com a few days before to reserve your skates and pads so you cant just turn up on the day.


Spam-ability – I have spent the past 6 years spamming people about how good roller derby is and even though I quit i am still at it. Not sure whether this can ever be beaten.


So Roller Derby gets a score of 16/20 I have left room to see if something can beat it. It is epic fun so I would recommend you try it if you can.

If you want to try then information can be found here:

Central City Rollergirls (CCR) – http://centralcityrollergirls.co.uk/f-a-qs/


CCR teach both men and women to skate however if you want to play Mens Roller Derby you can contact:

Crash Test Brummies – http://crashtestbrummies.co.uk/join-us/


So the score to beat is 16/20

Have you got a suggestion of what I should try? If so complete this form with details. 

Photos by Floyd King Photography: https://www.facebook.com/floydkingderbyphotography/