Guitar Lessons Birmingham

With my Buckt subscription, one of the activities were 2 Guitar Lessons at Guitar Lessons Birmingham in the Jewellery Quarter or 1 lesson at Birmingham Music School. Originally I was planning on sharing the activities but thought id use both for myself on this occasion.

I decided to first try the 2 lessons at Guitar Lessons Birmingham and booked my first one for Saturday at 2pm. They said that they would lend me a guitar but i remembered that Matt had given me one years ago so i dug it out and dusted it off and realised one string was missing.

I took my broken guitar along and knocked on the door. Joseph, one of the teachers introduced himself. He checked over my guitar and he said it would need all new strings which he would do for me for the next lesson for £20. For todays lesson he let me borrow an electric guitar which was shiny nice.


First of all he taught me a way of remembering the cords which is

Elephants And Donkeys Grow Big Ears

Next he taught me All Right Now by Free by just strumming along

A —- A D A G G D D A repeat til chorus and then A A A A G G G G D D D D A

I kept forgetting so we kept going over it until i was more sure then went over the chorus. We played along to the song and i thought i’m never going to get this!

He wrote down the cords on a piece of paper for me so i could practice.

All Right Now

Next we went over a few chords G D C to play Wonderful Tonight which is G D C D

G and C are a piece of piss, D can die in a fire!!!!!!! Definitely need more practice!

wonderful tonight

It was a half an hour lesson and it seemed like we went over so much. I really struggle with my memory so was glad that he wrote everything down and explained the diagrams to me.

He very kindly lent me the cutest pink guitar to practice on until my next lesson which i booked for Thursday at 7.30pm.

When i got home i sat for over an hour going over All Right Now while it played on Spotify. Even though i was just strumming along i was really pleased with myself and actually thought i maybe able to do this. Max walked in and said he was very impressed until he realised i had Spotify on 😀

Video of me trying to play my first guitar song – All Right Now

Once i felt i had it down i moved onto the chords.

G D C D – Chords

This is going to be alot more difficult to master than i thought but my goal is to have it down by Thursday! Fingers crossed!

Contact Details

Guitar Lessons Birmingham!



61 Caroline Street, B3 1UF

Opening hours 12-9pm Wed, Thurs, Fri and 9am-6pm Sat and Sun








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