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Last June I quit Roller Derby after 6 years of awesome fun. I met loads of lovely people, travelled round the world and generally had a fabulous time skating and partying. After 6 years i decided to try other things, so it had been a year since i put on my skates.

I saw that Central City Rollergirls were doing a free skate session with This Brum Girl Can so thought it would be nice to go and do an anniversary skate. In the morning i woke up all excited and decided on my skating outfit. I went with my Barry Fight t-shirt in homage to my old coach and some short shorts in homage to when i use to buy shit shorts from Walsall Chav Shops.

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It was so weird turning up and putting my skates on again but so lovely to see everyone. Got such a lovely welcoming and it was so nice to see some old and new faces.


I skated onto track and I could still skate! Did many many spins, backwards skating and laterals and felt very pleased with myself.

I got to join in the big girl session which I wont lie nearly killed me. Although I could do all the fancy things id spent hours perfecting in cool downs, when i tried to do the derby stuff of ploughing with one foot next to someone it was pretty damn difficult. A year of barely any exercise definitely showed and i was drenched in sweat by the end of it. Standard!


The new girls were at the side being taught the basic skating stride, stops, safety falls etc and they all seemed to be having a lovely time.DSC_0282

After an hour we all joined together and we played the Australian, a team relay race where you get up from the floor, skate a couple of laps and tag the next person while cheering on your team.


Then played stuck in the mud, where several people in pink bibs tagged others and you had to skate under their arms to free them.


Then finally Whats the time  Mr Wolf, which was where a new girl had to push an advanced girl towards someone at the end of the hall and when they turned around you had to stop as quickly as you could otherwise you were sent to the back of the hall.


I was paired with a lovely girl called Ali who had been to a couple of sessions before and had picked it up really quick, when we cooled down we skated around the track together and had a nice chat.


After the session we did a group stretch which i definitely needed and i chatted to some more of the new girls. I asked them how their first session went. They said:

Exhausting but brilliant fun! – Alice

Good fun especially the games. – Rosie

Extreme bonding – Ali

Really good fun – Carlene

So they all seemed to enjoy themselves.

I also had a lovely time and i’m sure i will be putting my skates on again in the near future.

Fun – Awesome fun. Its not just a good work out, you meet lots of lovely people and laugh lots.


Value for Money –  This Girl Can session was free however usually it is £5 for a 2 hour session, which includes all equipment, coaching, venue and parking. First session is free.


Join-ability   – For new skaters their are 2 sessions per week where you can join which increases to 3 once you get membership and all equipment is provided.  However you do need to email a few days before to reserve your skates and pads so you cant just turn up on the day.


Spam-ability – I spent 6 years spamming people about Roller Derby so ive calmed down abit now.  Be warned it is addictive so prepare to love it if you do start going.


So This Girl Can – Roller Skate gets a score of 15/20. Excellent fun and a jolly nice time was had by all.

If you want to try it then information can be found here:

Central City Rollergirls (CCR)

This Girl Can

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