I saw an advert on Facebook for an activity subscription service. Every month they send you 5 different activities to try for 2 people. That sounded perfect for me and thought it would give the kick up the bum i needed to start writing again.

I used a voucher and managed to duo box for half price so it cost £12.50 instead of £25. You can get a single box for £17 but i thought it would be a good excuse to go on fun dates with Jon or my mates.

My box came about a week later. It had 2 books in with details how to book each activity.


Each box is different depending on what cycle you are on but my box contained

  • A rage room for 2. Half an hour each of smashing stuff up – £20 each, £40
  • 2 cinema tickets at Mockingbird Cinema. Any film we want – £8 each, £16
  • 2 meditation classes at my favourite Meditation Centre £7 each, £14
  • Game of Bingo with a meal and drink for 4 people £7 for food and drink £10 for bingo, £68
  • 4 Guitar lessons! £15 each, £60

Total of £198 worth of activities!!!

I was most excited about the guitar lessons and going back to Meditation class, not so about the Bingo but figured its a free meal and beer so will probably drag Jon along to save me cooking one night:D

I emailed them and told them about this blog and they’ve given me a 50% code for others to use so you can get a duo box for £12.50 too.



I will let you know how i get on.




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