Gospel Central

To be honest I was in a bad mood. My escape team had just failed to get out of the new room at Clue HQ by one puzzle. My 100% escape record was destroyed! I was in full pout mode when I decided to go see Gospel Central in the hope it would cheer me up.


Gospel Central are a group that perform uplifting Gospel music at the Jam House on the third Wednesday of every month. Entrance is free and they are awesome! I’ve been to a few of their shows and every time I’ve wanted to get up and dance instead of sitting in my seat.


They are made up of 11 singers and a 5 piece band so they change about who is on stage at any time. My favourite is Ricardo Williams. He has a great voice but also looks like he is having the best time. He is always nodding his head to the music and smiling even when isn’t on stage.


I turned up about 9.30 and they were just finishing off the first bit of their set. They had a special guest called Wayne Ellington who sang 2 songs. He had such a soulful voice and it started to make me feel a bit better.

After the first half a guy called Singing D. came on and did a couple of songs. He was so happy and expressive when he sang and really made me smile.

Gospel Central did a few songs including Happy Birthday and then was joined on stage by Wayne Ellington. That was an amazing experience and by the end of it I was back to my happy self, walking home listening to Joyful Joyful from Sister Act.


Fun – I always love seeing them. Very uplifting and makes the day a bit better.


Value for money –Free entry but drinks are expensive in the Jam House.


Join-ability – I popped in on my own and although it was packed there were still a few seats left. Id recommend getting there a bit early if you go with other people.

Lovely crowd too. I was sitting on the front row, in a bear hat, wellys and eating a lolly pop and the lady next to me still said hello and had abit of a chat.


Major problem is that they only perform once per month so if you are busy on that night you do have a bit of a wait to see them again.


Spam-ability –  I asked lots of people if they fancied going and apparently not everyone likes Gospel Music! However the people that have come with me previously have had a lovely time and said they will go again if they are free.


Total of 13/20 – If you like seeing talented musicians and great singers you should give it a go.

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Gospel Central

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