So Snowbombing is not really in Birmingham however, we got the coach from Birmingham so it sort of counts and its definitely something I recommend people trying.

Full disclosure: I would never get the coach again, 24 hours on a coach with several mishaps has made European coach travel a definite no for me from now on. However, it was a great way of meeting people and by the end of it we had a great little group of people that I collected into a WhatsApp group so we could meet up throughout the week.

We arrived in Austria after 10pm and after dumping our stuff we went out for a few beers with some of the coach people. A few beers turned into going to the Racket Club to see Oliver Heldens. It was stunning! I kept finding myself getting closer to the speaker, at the time hearing damage seemed worth it because the music was euphoric.


The Racket Club has the most elaborate lighting rig I’ve ever seen, this with the smoke that shot up occasionally when the drop hit made for an amazing DSC_0139atmosphere.

The next day we got up before 9am for breakfast, sorted out ski hire and head up to the mountain. Down the bottom of the gondola id taken my ski jacket off as it was so warm but when we got to the top, we saw it change from green fields to snow. Considering it was the first week in April, the conditions were great and on top of that we never had to wait for a lift all week.

The blue ski runs were a good level for beginners and we spent the first morning on a nice beginner run, blue 25, going over what Briony had learnt in her ski lesson. I also spent the morning helping lads that thought it would be a good idea to go skiing without any lessons. After they nearly killed themselves a few times I explained how to plow stop so they wouldn’t go off the edge. I then scouted out our next run by bombing down blue 28 to check it was ok, it was lovely tree lined run which was perfect for the next one.

We met up with Kate and Mel from the coach and had a few beers before doing a bit more skiing. We then got to see Mr Motivator. I climbed onto the table in my ski boots and followed his dance routines. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 funky chicken!

A great first day was followed by another awesome night, drinking and dancing.

It was literally a case of Eat, Sleep, Ski, Eat, Sleep, Rave repeat for the whole week. I stayed out until 3 or 4am every night and still managed to  ski every day.


Highlights were:
Tuesday morning skiing with Ryan and Kieran, i have never skied so much in my life!



The Street Party with costumes, Pina Colada and Groove Armada.


First beer of the day at the Artic Disco, followed by skiing in the fog.


Briony celebrating her first red after only 3 days of skiing.


Playing the game In A Bind in pubs and seeing how confused people got watching us.


Awesome steak and awesome company at Mannis followed by drunken mayhem.



Thursday night dancing to: Bastille, Idris Elba, Shy FX and CRAIG FREAKING DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dragging my ass out of bed for the last day of skiing. Apparently beer helps you see through the fog and the sound of reggae music guides you in the right direction!


Getting in the pit during Prodigy and nearly loosing a shoe. Followed by Hannah Wants and Fat Boy Slim.


Mostly though, it was meeting a great group of people.They could turn a quiet meal into a hilarious conversation, shots, games and then dancing. Everyone of them was so lovely and funny and i am so glad we got on that horrific coach just so we got to meet them.

Next year we fly!


There was so much to do and we missed out on things like the pool party, beer pong tournament and having more than 4 hours sleep all week but it was fabulous and I cant wait to go again next year.

Tickets should be available here:   from July.





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