As I’m not really into flowers and romantic meals I figured going to see Deadpool for Valentines day would be more fun. It seemed like this was a popular choice with the “cool” girlfriends so  I booked in advance.

While on the Cineworld website I saw something called D Box which I hadn’t heard of before. It appeared to be seats that moved during the film which intrigued me. I’d been to 4D films before at Cadbury World and Drayton Manor but didn’t know they had them in proper cinemas.

d box

d box 6

The closest cinema was Telford so I booked those seats.

It was an interesting experience. The seats were the same but you got 2 arm rests and their was a controller on the side to turn the motion up and down and off.

During the film the seats moved and vibrated so you felt like you were in the fight or were travelling in the vehicle. It added abit of fun to the cinema experience and I kept mine on maximum through out the film. Kitty turned his off after the first fight as he found it distracting.

It was abit of a trek to Telford and you don’t get free parking. Also the seats were more expensive so it turned a cinema trip into a more costly experience. If it was in the Cineworld in Birmingham I’d probably use it for other action films but I wouldn’t make a special trip again.

Deadpool on the other hand was excellent. Must see movie!

No rankings as it’s not in Birmingham.


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