Slimming World

Did you know their are 20 Syns in one naan bread! 20 bloody Syns!!!!!! No? Well neither did i.

My mom phoned to say she’d be back a bit later than usual as she had hit her target weight at Slimming World and would be getting an award. Being the lovely and considerate daughter that i am (once or twice a year) i decided to drive round and watch her get her award.

I turned up at the church, burst through the doors to find people on their knees being blessed by a priest. This was not the right place and neither was it upstairs. So after snooping around the church i finally found the community hall around the back.

There were about 20 women sitting in a semi circle with a lady in the middle. My mom spotted me and waved me over. I got a chair and sat down. Id missed all the weighing malarky and had joined for the support/advice bit. They talked about points that would be difficult to stick to good foods this week, valentines day, half term and chinese new year. Then the leader played a game where you had to guess which food had more Syns in it. This is the point where i learnt that Lamb Rogan Josh was better than a Bhuna and a naan bread had 20 bloody Syns in it! (My mom said you can have 15 a day)

There was lots of laughing and people gave advice about different products they found tasty but were healthy. It seemed like a lovely group of people and I could see if I wanted to loose weight how helpful it could be.

At the end they gave out the awards which included the slimmer of the week, who had lost 6lbs. Everyone had brought a “free syn” item and had put it in a bag for a prize which I thought was lovely. My mom got given her award for achieving her target weight by loosing a massive 1 stone and 13 lbs! She was so happy and I was really proud of her.



I don’t think its fair for me to rank this class as I didnt attend for the whole of it but if you are trying to loose weight, you can check out where your nearest class is here:


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