Knightmare Live


Knightmare Live is a live action theatre show based on the 80s TV show where kids would guide their friend about a dungeon while wearing the Helmet of Justice.

For the time it was really well done as they used blue screen, virtual reality type technology so it really, well, sort of looked  like they were in a dungeon. It looks really dated if you watch it now but it brings back lots of nostalgia for those who remember watching it at the time.


So when I saw that they were bringing it to the stage I had to go.  I went to watch their first show last year and I really enjoyed it, so when they asked for volunteers to be the dungeoneer for their Birmingham show I jumped at the chance.

The other person who volunteered was a guy called Nicholas. We were both told to get there for 7pm and we would do a mini quest to decide who would be the dungeoneer. My friend, Toby came with me and we met Paul who plays Treguard. He said that 2 of us could be the team who directs the dungeoneer and the mini quest was basically to decide between ourselves. Nicholas had travelled all the way from Leeds so I didn’t argue when he said he wanted to do it. It actually worked out for the best as we got to see the show and Nicholas was a great dungeoneer with epic dance moves.


We went backstage and met the actors and got the safety briefing, which importantly for later mentioned that there was a white line at the edge of the stage which Nicolas should not cross if he wanted to stay on the stage.

The show began and Nicholas, Toby and I were introduced to the sold out crowd and Nicholas put on the helmet. Luckily the lights meant I couldnt really see the 200 people so I wasn’t that nervous.

The show works just like the TV show, Nicholas would enter the stage and ask where am I?   He would usually be in a room but this would be changed with scenery and lighting. We would describe the room and then have to solve the puzzle.


The first room had a metal plate with foot prints on it so I directed him on to it, 4 steps to the front, side step left etc. He stood on to it and a door opened. I directed him to the door but it closed. Toby figured out we needed to put something heavy on to it and there just so happened to be a statue of Lord Fears head at the back of the room. We directed Nicholas to put it on to the plate and we escaped our first room.

dragon 2

Throughout the show we met different characters, licked some floating heads, solved riddles and got help from the audience.

It was so much fun until the final puzzle, the room of blades. Our quest was for the cup and it was at the back of the stage, Nicholas had to get past the spinning blades that moved from one side of the stage to the other. Toby had proved that he knew his left from his right better than me so I told him to direct. He was doing really well until I saw a gap in the blades and just shouted RUuuuuuuN! Nicholas ran full pelt to the back of the stage, found it and legged it back narrowly missing the blades and very nearly going over the white line to his death. It was a heroic victory however hindsight tells me that telling someone who can only see his feet, to run may have been a health and safety faux pas.


Overall we all had an excellent time and the audience seemed to love it. It was the last show of Level 2 however they will be crowdfunding for Level 3 which seems to be more of an interactive show as you can purchase a dungeoneer ticket. They are going to have lots of dungeoneers in each show and see who can get through the most puzzles so you can play against your friends.

Further details can be found:

Video of Level 2 –

Rankings in comparison to Roller Derby

Fun – I loved it. Watching Level 1 was great but being on the stage and actually getting to play was an experience that I’ll always remember.


Value for money – Tickets were £15.


Join-ability – Last show of Level 2 so you won’t be able to see this show but Level 3 will be out soon.


Spam-ability – I’d recommend this to everyone who likes theatre, it is one of my favourite theatre productions.


Total of 12/20 Make sure you go see Level 3!

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