The lovely Sarah Camwell sent me an invite to use an app called Pollen in September. It’s an app where you get free or reduced price tickets to events in Birmingham in exchange for reviewing the gig. pollen

Since September we have booked tickets to: Anita and Me, The Rep; Flanahan Collective: Romeo & Julliet, St Paul’s Church; Mr B: The Gentleman Rhymer, The Mac; We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and last night Trope; Hare Hounds.

As you can see you get a whole range of m_20160115_111256usic, theater and arty events in lots of different venues.

After the event you fill out a short survey and review the event so they can get some feedback. Once you have submitted the feedback you are given another “pollen” which allows you to book another event. You can only book one event at a time which can be annoying if something awesome comes up later on.

Unfortunately they only have limited tickets to each of the events so you have to be quick to reserve your tickets however even if you aren’t able to get one they do sometimes give discounted tickets so at least you save some money.


In the next month they still have availability for: Organ Lunchtime Concert, Symphony Hall; Dear White People, The Drum  and reduced price tickets for I was glad, Town Hall.

I was to late for events such as An Evening with Chris Hadfield, Symphony Hall; The Snowman, The Rep and Moscow State Circus, Symphony Hall. However more events come up every week so its worth keeping a check on it.

If you would to try Pollen send me a message with your email address on and I will send you an invite.

Rankings in comparison to Roller Derby

Fun – Lots of different events to go watch, it usually inspires me to go see something different, that I may not have considered before.


Value for money – Free or reduced price.


Join-ability – Limited events and numbers of tickets means you have to look every day and you still may not be able to get a ticket. This could be solved with an email to their users when new tickets are avaliable.


Spam-ability – Its tempting to keep all the tickets to myself so i’m likely to only tell some one about it after i have secured my ticket.


Total of 11/20 If you would like more culture in your life then send me your email and ill send you an invite.





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