Not as good as Roller Derby…..

So Roller Derby is the thing that engulfed my life for 6 years. I made so many friends, had many adventures and learnt skills on and off the track.

After such a long time skating with the Central City Roller Girls ( ) I decided to try and find something new. However going from 3 or 4 roller derby practices a week to 6 months of sitting in front of the TV or partying into the early hours, it has been hard to find the motivation to try something new. So this blog is my kick up the bum.

The aim is to find a new Roller Derby something that I want to put my all into and have a great time doing it so here I go:

The goal is to try different activities and classes in Birmingham and rank them in Brum Nuggets. (Chicken Nugget Burger :O WICKED!!!!!!!!)


Rankings will be out of 5

Fun – How enjoyable was it.

Value for money – I am poor and cheap which is a bad combination.

Join-ability – How hard is it for a new person to join.

Spam-ability – I would go again or spam people about it.


So a total of 20 Brum Nuggets up for grabs.

Roller Derby

Fun – Awesome fun. As well as the sport side there is always an after party to win. I made life long friends that are still inviting me to win the after party even though I am not skating any more.


Value for Money – £5 for a 2 hour session, which includes all equipment, coaching, venue and parking. First session is free.


Join-ability   – For new skaters their are 2 sessions per week where you can join which increases to 3 once you get membership and all equipment is provided.  However you do need to email a few days before to reserve your skates and pads so you cant just turn up on the day.


Spam-ability – I have spent the past 6 years spamming people about how good roller derby is and even though I quit i am still at it. Not sure whether this can ever be beaten.


So Roller Derby gets a score of 16/20 I have left room to see if something can beat it. It is epic fun so I would recommend you try it if you can.

If you want to try then information can be found here:

Central City Rollergirls (CCR) –


CCR teach both men and women to skate however if you want to play Mens Roller Derby you can contact:

Crash Test Brummies –


So the score to beat is 16/20


Have you got a suggestion of what I should try? If so complete this form with details. 




Photos by Floyd King Photography:


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